Organized cultural activities:

ü Celebrating national, religious and calendar holidays and traditional holidays of the Social Care Home;

ü Organizing trips to events or locations the residents are interested in;

ü Development of musical self-expression;

ü Organizing celebrations and jubilees of the residents;

ü Movie watching;

ü Literature afternoons.


ü Groundskeeping;

ü Cemetery groundskeeping;

ü Berry and mushroom picking;

ü Cooking;

ü Activities in the Occupation Centre:

ü Felting;

ü Sewing;

ü Knitting and crocheting;

ü Embroidery;

ü Decoupage;

ü Origami;

ü Ceramics;

ü Wicker weaving.

Sporting activities:

The residents of Zarasai Social Care Home are actively and effectively participating in sporting activities.

ü Sports festivals;

ü Exercising with fitness equipment;

ü Therapeutic exercise;

ü Nordic walking;

ü Tourist and sports outings;

ü Board games:

ü Checkers;

ü Chess;

ü Winter sports:

ü Cross-country skiing;

ü Skating;

ü Ice-hockey;

ü Athletics;

ü Volleyball;

ü Basketball;

ü Football;

ü Weightlifting;

ü Table tennis;

ü Billiards;

ü Table football;

ü Other.