Day Social Care Services

Since 1 December 2018, Zarasai Social Care Home has been providing Day Social Care Services for adults with disabilities as well as for the elderly. The Day Social Care Service facilities can accommodate 6 people. The expected duration of the service: from 3 hours a day to 5 days a week. The Day Social Care Centre provides the following comprehensive services: awareness raising; consulting; mediation and representation; communication; organizing leisure activities; catering (if the service duration is more than 5 hours a day); organizing personal hygiene services; psychological help and psychotherapy; assistance with dressing, feeding and bathing; other types of assistance; developing and supporting daily living skills; developing working skills; organizing health care services; organizing transportation services; other services required for individuals based on their level of autonomy.

Monthly fee for day social care services is EUR 575 per person with disability, and EUR 670 per person with severe disability.