Social services

Social services are intended to meet social and emotional needs of each resident of the Social Care Home, help adapt to illness, disability and in the new environment as well as restore and improve the functioning. There is special focus on individual work with a resident. Social workers hear the people out, help them solve the problems, provide information on relevant matters, mediate and represent their interests in different institutions. Social work is also carried out in groups. Groups are formed taking into account the health condition, age and interests of the residents.

The main aim of the services is providing the services, the quality of which would satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients and ensure their individuality.

Accommodation. The layout and equipment of the premises of Social Care Home ensure a safe, comfortable, cosy, private environment and accommodation adapted to special needs.

Overall residential area per resident in Zarasai Social Care Home is 15.94 m2, while the bedroom area per resident is 7,38 m2.

Social Care Home has 38 single, 26 double and 48 triple rooms.

Common areas include spacious lounges, hall, chapel, library, computer room (with internet access), occupation centre, guest rooms, gym, smoking rooms, a spacious dining room and kitchenettes.

Board. One of the tasks of the Social Care Home is organizing rational, special and dietary nutrition, taking into account the age and health of the residents, doctor recommendations and the needs of the residents themselves.

Meals are served four times per day. The residents may read the menu and make requests for specific foods or dishes. Hot tea or coffee is available at any time.

Household and personal hygiene services. Since the Social Care Home accommodates partially or little independent or completely dependent persons, personal hygiene rooms (showers, WC) are equipped for special needs so as the residents can use them independently, where possible.

The following services are provided for the residents of the Social Care Home:

-  washing of clothes and bedding;

-  cleaning the living rooms;

-  bathing;

-  hair cutting and beard shaving;

-  groundskeeping;

-  interior repairs;

-  other.